Experts in the construction of customized and sustainable apartments


Company History
The company history began in 2010. After twenty years of experience in both civil and industrial construction, the two businessmen Stefano Dalessio and Pietro Napoletano founded Dana Costruzioni. The company team, constantly updated on developments in construction, is organised by Stefano and Pietro. They also monitor the work in every construction site, ensuring cutting-edge housing solutions as well as construction, technological and energy quality: the key factors of the company philosophy.


Natural light, essential to experience the spaces and save on energy consumption, is at the heart of Dana’s philosophy. Once defined the best solution to give light to the buildings, Dana envisages the living space as a huge white canvas on which the customers paint their idea of home. Hence, the staff guides customers along the road of realization always ensuring functional, personalized and sustainable apartments.
But, above all, a space in which to feel at ease, because loving your home is the starting point to a better life.

Construction and

How to design increasingly sustainable living solutions while respecting the environment and the spaces efficiency? Dana Costruzioni has selected renewable energy sources.
The energy savings obtained with a careful bioclimatic design can reach 90%. Thanks to a smart design, a building can warm up in winter and cool down in summer without mechanical means.
Using renewable energy sources at every stage of the building process means exploiting devices and systems that minimize consumption and dispersion while reducing energy needs. Furthermore, they optimize the building materials potential and the environment in which the building stands.
When building and environment go hand in hand, the results are visible: functional, flexible, well-lit houses. Smart and bioclimatic projects, acoustic and visual well-being, environmental comfort.