Customization of spaces and financial advisory for house purchases


Those who come to Dana Construzioni can see with their own eyes the realization of their desire because everyone has the opportunity to take an active part in the design of their home. The spaces customization process starts from the first phase in which, depending on the housing needs, the space is ideally modulated in the most efficient way. Customers play an active and essential role in every phase of the realization so that, at the end of the project, the dwelling becomes their most immediate and amazing reflection.


Our staff is always updated on the parameters of the laws on the house purchase that may vary year after year. The entire team provides customers with the most appropriate financial solution to their housing needs thanks to an in-house consulting service and, in particular, provides information on IRPEF discounts and deductions for the purchase of their first home (A and B energy class buildings, adjacent garage purchase, interest expense, mortgage loan, VAT).